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Fresh cocktail ingredients


Our cocktail connoisseurs are taking their knowledge from the Bar Art District base in Felixstowe across the country, educating a variety of individuals who yearn to learn the art of mixology. Our alcoholic beverage maestros bring their skills and supplies to you; a service that can enhance any gathering from hen parties to team building exercises, this boozy social activity will be sure to entertain everyone! 

Our fun filled masterclasses are designed to teach you the fundamentals of cocktail-making while having a great time, fuelled with delicious drinks. Whether you're a mixology novice or a proficient cocktail enthusiast, our classes are personalised to match your interests and deliver the most beneficial, memorable experience.



Bar Art District’s team of experienced mixologists from Felixstowe will come to your specified location with all the necessary equipment and ingredients to teach you and your guests the niche art of concocting cocktails.


Arranging the cocktail classes is as simple as filling in a form on our get in touch page, telling us a time and a place of interest and how many ''students'' will be attending the event and the rest you can leave to us. We will provide the bar equipment, glassware, ingredients, the teacher (of course) and a prize for the best amateur mixologist!

During the class, our fabulous mixologists will teach you about the history of cocktails and the different techniques used to create these tasty tipples. You will learn how to mix, shake, and stir your way to creating perfectly balanced beverages. Our bartenders will also share their tips and tricks for making the perfect drink, from choosing the right ingredients to the complimenting garnishes, be prepared to create your own luscious signature cocktail!


Making Cocktails

Our mobile cocktail masterclass service is perfect for corporate events, private parties, and team building activities. It's an entertaining and engaging way to learn a new skill, bond with your colleagues, or celebrate a special occasion. We’ve scaled the region, distributing our mixology expertise to a diverse range of clients and events. Learn the origins of cocktails, the greatest people that ever created one and how to design your own alcohol fusion. 

From Felixstowe to you, we bring our fantastic mobile cocktail masterclasses to events across the UK. Bar Art District’s committed to providing you with a fun, educational, and memorable experience, displaying our passion for exquisite cocktails and adoration of sharing our skills with others. Our sessions have a minimum standard of 90 minutes but it can vary depending on the amount of guests attending.

Book a class with us today and let us help you become a master mixologist!

The University of Bar Arts -  Cocktail Masterclass: Our Programs
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