What would our district be without a cocktail class, a place where we gladly pass our knowledge to whoever is willing to attend our "Cocktail Masterclass."

This is how it works:

You give us a call, tell us a time and a place and how many ''students'' will be attending the event and we will take care of the rest. 

We will provide the bar equipment, glassware, ingredients, the teacher (of course) and a prize for the best ''student''. 


Either if it's a team building experience, a hen party or just having a fun time with your friends, our class will introduce you to the tasty world of cocktails. You will find out the history of cocktails, the greatest people that ever created a cocktail and you will have the opportunity to craft your own drinks in an engaging and fun experience.


Our sessions have a minimum standard of 90 minutes but it can vary depending  on the amount of guests attending.

Orange Cocktail